Friday, January 17, 2014

Lazy LEO hitches a ride home....

Leo's been showing his age lately! He's started to have the old man shuffle, especially going up the stairs to bed! I've been really diligent about getting him his daily walks. It definitely helps keep his short little legs in shape! Granted, sometimes it's impossible when the temps drop below 0 but for the most part, I try to get him out for at least 15 minutes of walking daily. Today we went a bit further than usual and he gave me quite a hard time coming back home. He started to take his sweet time! As it is, he's gotta stop every two seconds and get that snout down to the ground. After the snow melted, there are lots of amazing new smells on the pavement and he has to revel in each and every one! Naturally, he has to pee on everything he sniffs to let all those other dogs who passed by before him, know who's boss! As soon as I tell him that we're going for a walk, he immediately heads over to his water bowl, gulping furiously as he loads up his bladder for the journey! I suppose he does this so that he is sure to have enough in the reserve tank to pee on every single thing he possibly can! Today, I was ready to kill him as he leisurely walked along in no hurry whatsoever to get home. Why would he care that I was going to be late to work? I tried to explain to him that he was going to be late to the couch and that he had a lot of sleeping to do for the rest of the day! He didn't care! I was so happy when I saw a car coming down the road and recognized that it was my husband! I stuck my thumb out and hitched us a ride! Of course, my husband was laughing because he knows how slow and stubborn LEO can be! He pulled over and picked us up!  LEO seemed as happy as I was to jump on board!

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