Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Handsome!

This is my most favorite and real life LEO face. He was so peaceful earlier tonight when I got home. After suffering lots of separation axiety today, he was perfectly content to hang out on the couch and listen to me tell him all about my day! He listens so intently and loves so unconditionally! Everyone in the house gets a little jealous at how excited I am, when I come home to LEO! I always look forward to the sound of his dog tags jingling like bells as his short little legs run out to greet me. He wags his tail so hard, it almost seems as though it could wag right off!  He is always the first one to get my hugs, and kisses (even if his jowls are a little swampy) I love him just the same! And when everyone else in the house complains about his Basset Smell, I have to confess that I actually like it!  He may be the most Neurotic Basset that ever lived but he's definitely the most loved!  (by ME!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/2 Basset 1/2 Cat

This crazy dog cracks me up! We brought a stray cat into our home 2 years ago, and LEO wanted nothing to do with him. He's been ignoring him since the day he moved in, and he's been incredibly jealous any time I show the cat "BOO" love! BUT: About 7 months ago, my 9 year old daughter got a kitten named PANTHER. Instantly BOO hated the kitten so the kitten desperate for some type of mothering, gravitated toward LEO. (Even though LEO is a boy and clearly needs mothering himself) the kitten fell in love with LEO and LEO accepted him with his heart wide open. (Probably just to make BOO mad!) The kitten now seems to really believe that LEO is his mother and they are inseparable. They've been hanging out together so much that LEO has started to sneak cat food and eats it whenever he thinks nobody is looking. He has also started giving himself baths just like a cat. 7 years & I've never seen him do this! Now, every morning, I catch him licking his paws just like the kitten does. I guess the kitten is not the only one who thinks that LEO is his mother. Panther has successfully transformed my NEUROTIC BASSET HOUND into a CAT! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Unwelcomed Guest

As I was trying to get out the door today to visit my friend Cathy, Leo practically knocked me down as he attempted the great escape! I felt terrible Basset Mommy guilt because he hates to be left alone. His separation anxiety has actually been getting worse lately. I knew Cathy would probably be happy to see him, so I figured no harm in taking him along. As soon as I put him in my car, I had the unmistakable feeling that regret would be just around the corner. He wagged his tail, shook hair all over me, and jumped back and forth between the seats. We weren't even on the road two minutes and I already had a nice streak of jowl slime on my dashboard.
We pulled up to Cathy's house and he was so excited he almost wagged his little tail off. He jumped out and smelled all the good doggie smells buried under the snow. He was so over the top when he got into the apartment that he ran all over the place like a mad man smelling everything he possibly could. Since we were doing our Christmas exchange, there were lots of gifts under the tree. He poked his big black wet nose into all of the pretty gift bags until he found one in particular that peeked his curiosity. I didn't have a clue what was in it, but by the looks of him it appeared that he was about to  find out. I intercepted the gift (since the tag surely did not say LEO) and was about to put it on the coffee table, when I realized that it was really WET! He had drooled into the bag and unfortunately there was a book inside. He got the pages of the book wet and slimy, and the whole package stunk like swamp jowels. I soon discovered that there was a bag of trufles inside with the book !Well no wonder, he drooled! This little incident wasn't his only Basset Fopar either. He jumped on the couch like he owned it and before he got thrown off, he left his signature big trail of slime on the cushion. He also not so politely used Cathy's daughter's pant legs as a napkin. After all of these wonderful pleasantries, he headed for the door. He paced back and forth while he cried and wimpered as if to say "Ok, I wrecked the party, now let's get out of here and pee in the snow" He cut our visit short and even after all that, he was lucky enough to get a quick belly rub! Even more surprising, it wasn't from me, but actually given by the forgivingly sweet girl that he so rudely SLIMED! I think my friend Cathy was less than pleased with his company and if I had to venture a guess, I'd say, he shouldn't be expecting another inviation any time soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LEO the Basset's Holiday Stress CONTINUES!

A few things I forgot to mention in yesterday's "Holiday Stress" blog. He also buried that new bone he got under my sheets in my bed. It made quite a disgusting mess and he didn't seem in the least bit concerned when I scolded him. He also tore apart one of the kid's Christmas Stockings and started a fight with each of the cat's. He backed the older tiger cat into the corner and stared him down, wagging his tail but barking repeatedly at him until the cat finally got brave enough to flee! He then chased the little kitten off of the couch and all around the house again barking the whole while!
He then went into the playroom and watered the rug with a huge pee on New Year's Day, but unlike on Valentine's Day morning when he peed in the shape of a HEART, there was no theme here, I looked for anything resembling a party horn, a hat, or maybe the number 13, but NOTHING! Oh well, there's always hope for this coming Valentine's Day! We'll see if it really was intentional or not! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bassets suffer from Holiday Stress too!

The Holiday stress has certainly seemed to get to our favorite Basset, LEO! He has had much more frequent time outs lately. Yesterday he got into my son's bedroom and found a bucket of Christmas Candy on his desk. He climbed up & helped himself. By the time I got there, he had already eaten through a miniature chocolate santa claus (wrapper and all) Although he got several gifts from Santa Claus himself, it seems like he was left wanting. The thing is, he really did look SO excited with his new Pig Ear (which my kids could not understand) They were so grossed out by the fact that he found enjoyment in chewing on a Pig's Ear but he LOVED it! He also got a great bone which should be keeping him busy. Instead he seems more interested in rummaging through the kid's goodies. He has had to spend a little more time in time out these past few days. I think once the kids get back to school, maybe he will relax a bit! (Oh and by the way, his time out is no other than THE COUCH!!!!) Happy New Year!

Singing Bassets

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