Friday, May 24, 2013

Dead Birds & Coffee


Ever since we welcomed a kitten into our home, LEO has taken on the role of "Daddy"
Our kitty, Panther definitely thinks that LEO is his father, or maybe even his Mother (who knows) but he follows him everywhere, cuddles up under his belly for a nap and quite simply adores him!
The two can be seen together all over the house, whether it be sunbathing by the sliding glass doors or curled up on the couch snoring. It's adorable when Panther rubs up against LEO and purrs loudly. Sometimes, I think Panther really expects LEO to go over to the food bowl and fill it for him.
The other day while having coffee on the back deck with a friend, Panther was outside in the yard. Of course, LEO wanted to come outside too, so I hooked him out on his run. Next thing I knew, Panther came prancing up the steps and dropped a dead bird down in front of LEO! Yup, a gift for his Daddy! I've heard that cat's like to bring their prey home to their owners to prove their LOVE!  As if to say,"Hey look, I protected you by killing this poor innocent bird!" Thankfully, he didn't bring it over to me! Thankfully, he thinks LEO is his master! Thankfully he proved his love for LEO and not me! LEO was so excited, he immediately picked up the dead bird in his mouth as if it were a brand new chew toy! He shook his head back and forth and threw the poor dead bird. He was heading over to pick it up again, when I realized what was going on! I do not like dead things of any kind. I don't even kill ants! (I pick them up and put them outside which really makes my husband mad) but imagine my horror when I found my precious LEO tossing around a dead bird. My friend is also easily horrified by anything dead, gross or germy! So here we were,two girly girls, trying to figure out how to get a nasty dead bird off the deck. I got a rake and she got a bucket. She jumped a mile high when I raked the gross thing off the deck. I think we both thought the head would rip off or something equally disturbing! I don't know exactly what she planned to do with the bucket other than maybe putting in front of her to protect herself. I raked the dead bird toward the fence and left it behind the rake for my husband to deal with! LEO wasn't happy that I messed with his new toy and Panther gave me the dirtiest look for taking his prized catch of the day away from his Master LEO!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

For the LOVE of LEO...

Every morning after the kids leave for school and before I have to leave for work, I am blessed with the luxury of about a half hour of quiet time to sit and drink a cup of coffee. Leo and I have fallen into quite the comfy routine. As soon as he sees the coffee cup in my hand, he’s right behind me. I like to sit with my legs up on the couch and bent to one side. He loves to put his front paws right on top of my feet just to ensure that I can’t go anywhere. We sit like that together for as long as it takes to finish my coffee and it’s as much therapy for me as it is for him.

When the coffee cup is empty, I get sad, not just because the coffee is gone (because God knows that is depressing) but because it’s time for me to get ready for work.  Since his legs are on top of my feet, it’s a huge inconvenience for him to have to get down off of the couch when I get up! He looks at me with his big sad bloodshot basset eyes as if to say, “You’re leaving me already?” I know he’s thinking exactly what I’m thinking, “Why can’t we just sit here and snuggle all day long, how sweet life would be!”

As I head upstairs, I hear one of my favorite sounds in the entire world. The jingle of his dog tags and his short little legs trying to keep up with me always makes me smile. Of course he follows me upstairs and lies down right outside of the shower to wait for me. While it is a bit awkward to have a dog watching me get into the shower, I am grateful that he never laughs when he sees me naked! As soon as I finish blow drying my hair, he heads for the door. He knows it’s time to go. Every day it’s always the same, he tries anything and everything to get under my feet and out the front door.  He hates to be left alone and he’s probably secretly hoping that I’ll say, it’s “bring your basset to work day” Ironically, our office is a dog friendly place, but since he’s so high maintenance, for me, it would be the equivalent to take your toddler to work day! I wouldn’t get a thing done. Besides, he loves to leave his scent in all new places, and somehow, I don’t think that his peeing on the new office carpet would go over well.

When I get home from work, he’s the first one to greet me. (Of course, this has nothing to do with me  yelling, “LEO” before I even close the door behind me.) Again, I hear the sweet sound of those little jingles of his dog tags. He runs to greet me as if I’ve been away for an eternity. He jumps up and waits for his hug, as he practically wags his tail off. Nobody in my house is as happy to see me come home as he is! I love being greeted by him and I don’t care how impatient anybody else gets. They have to wait in line to start making their demands. Inevitably, there are always a million things the kids and husband want when I first get home from work. Everybody’s hungry, there’s homework, questions, concerns, complaints, but not from LEO. Just LOVE, that’s all it is, pure UNABANDONED, JOYFUL LOVE! Hugs, kisses, tail wagging, snuggly love!

Bedtime comes and he’s always passed out on the couch. After I get done putting the kids to bed, I go downstairs to let him know that it’s bedtime. Since he’s afraid of walking up the stairs in the dark, I have to put the flashlight app on my phone and walk him up the stairs. (My husband gets quite a kick out of this little routine) He always laughs at me when I come downstairs to tell Leo that it’s bedtime. But, if I don’t, he will only bother me later by standing at the bottom of the stairs and barking until I come down to walk him up the stairs. He jumps up on the bed and gets into his sleeping spot. Of course it’s right on top of not only my feet, but my legs as well! He sprawls out across the bottom of our bed. Luckily we have a king mattress because he’s really such a long sausage that he takes up a lot of space. It’s not always easy trying to sleep with a basset hound sprawled across my legs but for him, I’m willing to put up with it. He also snores louder than ten men, but again for him, I’m willing to put up with it. My husband snores pretty loudly too, and always complains that he gets yelled at yet LEO never does. I don’t know why he’s still complaining, it’s obvious who the most spoiled rotten basset of all time is!

And these are just a few of my favorite things about my precious LEO! As much work as it is to have a Neurotic, Special Needs Basset Hound, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Peek a Boo Bassy!

Poor Leo! He has just returned from another weekend at the Beach in Maine! He hasn't gotten off the couch since. He is completely exhausted and wants no part of anyone, especially the kids. Of course, because the kids know this, it makes them more determined to bother him. (Poor Baby)!
My 13 year old decided that it would be fun to try to engage him in a game of Peek a Boo Bassy! He kept putting his hands over Leo's eyes and then releasing them saying, "Peek a Boo!" The funny thing is that Leo's snoring actually grew louder the more my son tried to play the game with him. This went on for quite awhile until finally my son started to cover his own eyes and get in his face, yelling, "Peek a Boo Leo, Peek a Boo!" Still nothing! Leo snored away and was completely oblivious to the fun game that was going on while he slept. My son got annoyed with him for refusing to play, so he decided to try to put a few things on Leo's head. He tried putting a hat on him, a set of car keys, even a cheese stick! Still nothing! I can't say as though I blame Leo! It is Monday, and in my opinion, he's got the right idea! Put a cheese stick on my head and I'll gladly go back to bed instead!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Dirty Basset

My Mom is NOT a doggie fan! When she was a teenager, her family dog, "Tiny" stole her favorite pair of shoes & chewed them up. She renamed him, "Scupper," meaning thief and his terrible doggie behavior soured her taste for all future dogs. I, on the other hand, am a crazy dog lover! My Mom and I are definitely on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our feelings about DOGS! But, I will even admit (being the self professed crazy dog lover that I am), there are times when LEO's behavior leaves me shaking my head. People have called me a glutton for punishment, a Masochist, even a Saint. But the truth is, my love for LEO is unconditional and therefore I will put up with all of his antics, the nice, the naughty & the neurotic! This past weekend up at the beach in Maine, he showed us all a little bit of his "naughty" side. After a good long run on the beach, and a nice relaxing nap, he stretched his long basset body, had a great big yawn and got down off of the bed. He nonchalantly headed over to the kitty litter box and before anybody even realized what he was doing, he gobbled up a pretty good sized piece of cat poop! (He had engaged in this nasty behavior when we first got the cat, but hadn't done it at home for a long time) I was pretty surprised that he was doing it again, although everyone at the beach always says that the salt air makes people hungrier than usual. I guess he was really hungry that day, or maybe just feeling like a snack. Sadly, for my Mom, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed this horrifying act. By the look on her face, I knew she had seen him and I feared she might faint from sheer disgust. Even though she knew what he had done, she started to yell, "Oh my God, he went to the cat litter box! He's chewing something! Oh my God, what is he chewing on?" Well, she knew exactly what he was chewing on, but I don't think she could really wrap her brain around what she was seeing. I just looked at her and in a very calm manner, I said, "Don't worry about it, he just felt like having a little tootsie roll, no big deal!" Let's just say, if her taste for dogs was soured before, it's sour with a side of throw up now. She wouldn't even allow me to bring it up again, because every time I tried, she looked as if she would pass out. What a Dirty little Basset!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beached Basset

Nobody is happier that Spring has finally sprung than LEO! He has rejuvenated himself with a few weekends at the Beach in Maine! He's gotten rid of those winter blues and his anxieties are at an all time low. But then again, whose anxieties aren't at an all time low when they're at the beach. A little sea air, some sun & surf can soothe away almost any worries! As soon as we hit the beach, LEO wastes no time getting those cute little doggie paws in motion. I love seeing his paw prints in the sand!

 I also really love to watch his big basset ears flapping in the wind. I swear those crazy big ears help him build momentum and pick up insane amounts of speed! You should see the looks on people's faces as he whips by in a basset hound blur. Nobody believes me when I say he can run (with those short little legs) just as fast as the big dogs can. Not to mention, he has disproved even his Vet who recently called him a Senior Basset. I've got picture proof of this fact right here! He is only as old as he feels and clearly he feels as young as a spry little puppy! Don't let the growing white hairs on his face fool you, he's far from an old man and he's proving to age quite gracefully! Look at him getting his paws right off of the ground! AIRBORNE!
He loves the unique smells that the ocean brings in and he's always sure to roll in seaweed whenever he has the chance. I'm sure he thinks he's marking his territory when he pees on it afterward, but really all he's doing is getting all that sea stink embedded in his fur.
This past weekend, he met a beautiful black lab named Bo. Bo was just a puppy of 8 months and he was full of energy! Again, Leo proved he could keep up with the young pup as he wrestled and played for hours without missing a beat! Look at them SMILING at each other!
Our whole family enjoys taking walks out to the Island to look for sea glass. Although, Leo doesn't care about sea glass, he loves to go out to the Island to roll around in more stinky seaweed. Since, I'm the designated Doggie Mama, that means I'm the poop picker upper. Although picking up poop is not my favorite job, It did melt my heart to look ahead and see LEO stop in his tracks to wait for me. He didn't want to keep going unless he knew I was coming too! So sweet!
The BEST part of our Beach Adventures is when we get back to the beach house and he is so exhausted but exhausted in the best possible way! He curls up and passes out and It makes me smile to see him so content! If you heard him snoring, you'd be convinced it was a MAN!
And there's absolutely nothing better than bringing a little bit of SAND home in the BASSET EARS!


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