Monday, February 25, 2013

Basset with a Sweet Tooth

I couldn't figure out where Leo was getting all the candy today! First, I caught him chewing gum! And it wasn't just ordinary chewing gum, it was the big pack of RAINBLOW gumballs! He had the whole package between his paws and he was ripping it open with a vengeance! He did manage to chew two pieces before I could grab it away from him. It's not totally uncommon for LEO to find candy since I've got a couple of candy eating kids in the house, but I've never really seen him eat gum before? Either his anxiety was in full gear or he was simply bored. (The kids went back to school today, so nobody has been harassing him) A little while later, I caught him with a small package of sour patch kids. He was trying to figure out how to rip the bag open without much luck! I think if he had succeeded, he probably would have found out soon enough that he wouldn't care for sour patch anything! A few hours later, I discovered him biting into a box of Nerds! What a little devil. This was the last straw, I had to get to the bottom of it! I searched the house in efforts to find the "source" of  his candy party, and finally the mystery unraveled before my eyes. I found a stash of candy hidden in the cat condo. (Yes the cat has a condo) It's cozy and plush, but he hardly ever goes in there. Apparently, my daughter decided that it was a brilliant plan to hide her Valentine's Day candy on her brother. She knows the cat would never eat her candy but she didn't think the plan through very well, because LEO loves candy and even moreso, he loves a challenge. He's pretty exhausted now from all that candy stealing so he's sound asleep by the fire. I feel kinda bad that I took it all away like a mean mom but honestly, I brush his teeth with doggie toothpaste and I really have enough to worry about without worrying about whether or not I will end up with a doggie dental bill!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leo's great snow adventure

We had so much fun in the snow today! Leo was neck deep finding his way and smelling all the good doggie scents buried beneath the snow! This picture reminds me of exactly how he looked today only of course this is not really a picture of LEO because LEO has such issues when it comes to cameras that it's always a challenge to photograph him. He goes into panic mode and runs even faster unless of course I am slick enough to have my phone with the camera and the setting is on no flash and no noise because if he even sees the light or hears the click, he will lose it! Today's walk or I should say run was pure delight! The kids came along and they happily ran after him! I told them that this is exactly how life should be, just being in the moment and experiencing pure wild abandonment and joy! LEO absolutely loves the snow and at one point my 9 year old daugher insisted on taking the leash. For a little guy, he sure can run fast. With ears flapping in the breeze, he took off running and took her with him for a ride. Lucky for her she had her snowsuit on and didn't mind the make shift taboggin ride using her body as the sled! Such a great day exploring nature at it's finest! As for now, he is passed out on the couch, dead to the world! With that peaceful relaxed sleep that can only come after a wonderful adventure in the great outdoors! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Senior Basset

Leo is 8 1/2 years old now and I couldn't believe it when my Vet told me that he is now a senior basset. This depresses me! I can see that he is getting a lot more white all around his face! I don't want him to get older! He is forever a terrible two year old to me, my little toddler! I can't wrap my brain around the fact that at 8 1/2 he's a senior already! They want him eating senior dog food and having senior blood work! Maybe just a way for the Vet to get some more money but even so, I am faced with the fact that he is getting older and I hate that!  I want him to live forever! Despite all of his phobias, post traumatic stress and anxieties, I love him more than life and would be lost without him! He is sound asleep at my feet right now after having a mild anxiety attack over some rain earlier tonight! No thunder, No lightening, just some rain! POOR BABY!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My "Pee Pee Valentine"

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I can't help but to remember fondly, how LEO peed in the exact shape of a HEART last year ON the very morning of VALENTINE'S DAY! So what if it was on my rug in the laundry room...It was funny, how could I not laugh! I'm wondering if it was really just a coincidence or a brilliant demonstration of his creativity! Would it be too much to ask for another one this year! Probably! After all, how many of us can say that we got a PEE PEE Valentine in our lifetime! In 9 days, I guess we'll see what he's got in store for mommy this year! :) That would be hard to top!!!

Singing Bassets

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