Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Leo gets voted out of the family vacation!

Poor Leo! He's feeling so depressed these past couple of days. He was excluded from the family camping trip to Amish Country over this last weekend. He was voted out of the trip since the majority ruled and many in our family are not so keen on dealing with a basset with special needs. I, being his basset mommy, would have put up with all of his anxieties because I believed that the amish way of life would have been very soothing for LEO! I think he would have loved hanging out with the horses behind our camp site and he would have been a big fan of the amish chicken pot pie! Although he was home with his 2 kitty brothers and a wonderful aunt to care for him, he was still missing the rest of his family. His auntie told me that whenever the answering machine picked up with my voice, he would wimper and cry! When we first got back from the trip, he was hesitant to speak to me! It was very obvious that he was angry. He gave me the cold shoulder for several hours and it broke my heart. Eventually he did come around and when he did, he planted himself in my lap refusing to get down for anything. He's been glued to my side ever since. He wasn't too thrilled with the Pennsylvania T Shirt we brought home to him but he did like the Amish made dog biscuits! He has been passed out on my bed this morning while I fold all the laundry left over from the trip! He's still  a little mad at his papa for not letting him try out the new family pop up, but he says he will forgive him if he is allowed on the next great adventure! He promises to be a good boy and not pee in the pop up!

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