Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Run Away Basset

A few weeks ago, we came home to find LEO gone! We had just replaced our sliding doors in the family room, and he figured out how to open them and hit the road! And he didn't even bother stopping to close the door on his way out. This was great news for the cat, who is usually not allowed out after dark due to coyotes. He was thrilled to follow right behind LEO. Even more scary was the fact that our new little kitten was sitting right in front of the open door staring out into the blackness.   We drove all over town looking for LEO and I shed more than a few tears thinking the worst. When we finally returned home, I had a message that THANKFULLY he was safe and sound down the road at a friend's house.
When we went to retrieve our little run away, he was relaxing on their arm chair seemingly without a care in the world! He was completely unphased by our sudden appearance and acted as though I was disturbing his nap. He looked irritated when I called him a bad dog and attempted to put his leash on him. He was not the slightest bit remorseful and I almost felt like he would have been happy to stay right there never to return home again. He appeared to have already moved on, forgetting that his family ever existed. The funny thing is, the beautiful golden retriever, Bailey who lives there, was on a leash outside, yet here is LEO sprawled out on their arm chair like he owns the place! What a nerve! I can imagine that Bailey must have been pretty annoyed. I laughed when I came home to find pictures of Leo's night out posted on my facebook page. As you can see, he even left a little basset drool as a parting gift!

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  1. Oh Leo you gave your humans such a fright! I'd be a frantic mess if one of my girls ever got out. I gave them each a kiss and a squeeze and a belly rub after reading about your escape. Please don't do that again, humans can't take the stress!


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