Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not Tonight!

Took my Basset Brat out for what I thought was going to be a glorious evening walk tonight! It was the most perfect summer evening. The air was cool and the full moon was AMAZING up over the tall trees. He looked so bored that I figured a nice walk down to the end of the road and back would do him some good. I guess he had something different in mind because after only half way to the end, he sat down and refused to MOVE! I pulled and pulled on his leash and he was having none of it. Finally I had to let my husband give the leash a yank, low and behold, he was able to get LEO to stand up. We walked a few minutes more, when that bratty basset sauntered right on over into somebody's yard. I'll admit the grass did look plush and cozy, but I was surprised to see LEO make a nice bed for himself right there on their front lawn. He stretched out, yawned and started a power nap. I know his stubborness all too well, and unless I had a firecracker in my pocket, I wasn't getting him to move!  So, we waited it out....Eventually, when he was good and ready, he got up and managed to make the journey back home. He didn't seem thrilled at all to have been out enjoying this beautiful night with us, but he IS very happily snoring under my feet right now.( LOUDLY SNORING I might add!)

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