Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Senior Basset

Leo is 8 1/2 years old now and I couldn't believe it when my Vet told me that he is now a senior basset. This depresses me! I can see that he is getting a lot more white all around his face! I don't want him to get older! He is forever a terrible two year old to me, my little toddler! I can't wrap my brain around the fact that at 8 1/2 he's a senior already! They want him eating senior dog food and having senior blood work! Maybe just a way for the Vet to get some more money but even so, I am faced with the fact that he is getting older and I hate that!  I want him to live forever! Despite all of his phobias, post traumatic stress and anxieties, I love him more than life and would be lost without him! He is sound asleep at my feet right now after having a mild anxiety attack over some rain earlier tonight! No thunder, No lightening, just some rain! POOR BABY!

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