Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leo's great snow adventure

We had so much fun in the snow today! Leo was neck deep finding his way and smelling all the good doggie scents buried beneath the snow! This picture reminds me of exactly how he looked today only of course this is not really a picture of LEO because LEO has such issues when it comes to cameras that it's always a challenge to photograph him. He goes into panic mode and runs even faster unless of course I am slick enough to have my phone with the camera and the setting is on no flash and no noise because if he even sees the light or hears the click, he will lose it! Today's walk or I should say run was pure delight! The kids came along and they happily ran after him! I told them that this is exactly how life should be, just being in the moment and experiencing pure wild abandonment and joy! LEO absolutely loves the snow and at one point my 9 year old daugher insisted on taking the leash. For a little guy, he sure can run fast. With ears flapping in the breeze, he took off running and took her with him for a ride. Lucky for her she had her snowsuit on and didn't mind the make shift taboggin ride using her body as the sled! Such a great day exploring nature at it's finest! As for now, he is passed out on the couch, dead to the world! With that peaceful relaxed sleep that can only come after a wonderful adventure in the great outdoors! :)

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