Monday, April 8, 2013

Leo's LOVE for Snickerdoodles

I find it so adorable that LEO has a love for Snickerdoodles! Who would have thought a Basset Hound would have a cookie preference. But why not, he has his own thoughts & ideas on just about everything from why he refuses to dress up as a hot dog (with mustard on top) on Halloween to his theory on how Thunder Coats for Dogs cause anxiety instead of relieving it. He hates coffee but loves skittles, why shouldn't he have a cookie preference. My kids love chocolate chip cookies, and since I usually like to have a snack for them to come home to after school, I tend to make these a lot. Occasionally, I get tired of making the same cookies, so I mix it up a bit and make other types. My husband loves Raspberry walnut thumbprints and just about everyone loves my old fashioned Betty Crocker recipe for Snickerdoodles. One year at Christmas, I was making a variety of different cookies and as usual, Leo was lying underneath the stove hoping for some crumbs to drop on the floor. I realized when I pulled the batch of Snickerdoodles out of the oven, he wrangled up enough energy to stand up. Soon enough, as I was placing them on the cooling rack, he began to bark. He didn't stop barking until I threw one down to him. He gobbled it up in about two seconds. I thought it was pretty funny how he didn't stand up or bark once when I pulled any of the other sheets of cookies out of the oven! From that day on, any time I bake Snickerdoodles, as soon as the oven starts sending off the unmistakable aroma, he's up, off the couch and barking his basset head off! And with fierce determination, he won't stop until he's scored one and then he's off and running, tail wagging behind him!


  1. As you may or may not have heard, I purchased a new oven this past weekend that actually bakes at the correct temperature - so, ARE YOU GONNA Share the recipe?!
    :) Dawn

    1. Absolutely but only because Betty Crocker told me I could! :) You are so funny!


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