Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some days, It's hard being this Basset's Mom!

Some days it's really hard to be this Basset's Mom! His anxieties were in full gear last night due to the first spring thunder & lightning storm. He started getting fidgety at about midnight. He was pacing the floors and panting. I knew a storm had to be brewing when he started to get shaky. I tried my best to settle him down and gave him a dose of his anxiety meds. He crawled into bed with me, but instead of lying across my feet like he usually does, he climbed right up beside me and got as close as he could get.  He snored that way for quite awhile. At 2am, he was up pacing again. I decided to take him outside to see if he wanted to pee. I didn't see any lightning or hear any thunder but he was such a wreck, I figured something had to be coming. Again, I settled him back down. He was up and down until 5am and that's when the storm finally hit. He was freaking out drooling, panting, shaking all over the place. (This would have been the perfect time for the "Thunder Coat" if he hadn't already tried it and actually suffered increased anxiety with it on!) Nothing quite like the hot breath of a basset hound on your head at 5am complete with a big slobbering splash of drool on the cheek. It's so frustrating when this happens because I can't put him in a crate since he has crate anxiety on top of all of his other anxieties. Not only did he drool all over the floor, but he peed and pooped as well! How Pleasant! After being up half the night, I started my day by cleaning up that mess before I even had my first cup of coffee! Poor baby, he's been sound asleep on the couch all morning. Well, except for of course the one hour that I went to the gym when he got spiteful and peed on the kitchen floor! I didn't bother to put the gates up because he was so exhausted from the stress of last night! I should know better than to trust him. He hates to be left alone and he always gets me back by peeing on the floor! Some days it's really hard being his mom, but I still hold true that I wouldn't trade him for the world!


  1. You have the patience of a Saint. I don't think I could be up half the night with a dog (even one as cute as Leo Bananas) and then spend time the next day cleaning pee and poop, then calmly blog about it. It appears that I missed out on the "patience" line, and you may have gotten in that one twice.

  2. I am crying laughing right now! You are so funny! I am such an animal lover. My husband can not understand this part of me at all! He actually has an urn above our fireplace with LEO's name on it! He would think nothing of giving him back to the Basset Rescue. I could never do it. I love him like one of my kids. I'm pathetic I know. 7 years of this! I guess I do have a lot of patience. I do get mad at him though, but I can't stay mad long, I look at that face and melt!


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