Monday, May 13, 2013

Peek a Boo Bassy!

Poor Leo! He has just returned from another weekend at the Beach in Maine! He hasn't gotten off the couch since. He is completely exhausted and wants no part of anyone, especially the kids. Of course, because the kids know this, it makes them more determined to bother him. (Poor Baby)!
My 13 year old decided that it would be fun to try to engage him in a game of Peek a Boo Bassy! He kept putting his hands over Leo's eyes and then releasing them saying, "Peek a Boo!" The funny thing is that Leo's snoring actually grew louder the more my son tried to play the game with him. This went on for quite awhile until finally my son started to cover his own eyes and get in his face, yelling, "Peek a Boo Leo, Peek a Boo!" Still nothing! Leo snored away and was completely oblivious to the fun game that was going on while he slept. My son got annoyed with him for refusing to play, so he decided to try to put a few things on Leo's head. He tried putting a hat on him, a set of car keys, even a cheese stick! Still nothing! I can't say as though I blame Leo! It is Monday, and in my opinion, he's got the right idea! Put a cheese stick on my head and I'll gladly go back to bed instead!


  1. I wonder if Leo wants to teach a seminar in "Sleeping through Kids". I'd sign up.
    Harvard, look out, here comes Professor Leo.

  2. Yes, LEO said he would love that! I am going to get him a new pin striped suit!!


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