Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beached Basset

Nobody is happier that Spring has finally sprung than LEO! He has rejuvenated himself with a few weekends at the Beach in Maine! He's gotten rid of those winter blues and his anxieties are at an all time low. But then again, whose anxieties aren't at an all time low when they're at the beach. A little sea air, some sun & surf can soothe away almost any worries! As soon as we hit the beach, LEO wastes no time getting those cute little doggie paws in motion. I love seeing his paw prints in the sand!

 I also really love to watch his big basset ears flapping in the wind. I swear those crazy big ears help him build momentum and pick up insane amounts of speed! You should see the looks on people's faces as he whips by in a basset hound blur. Nobody believes me when I say he can run (with those short little legs) just as fast as the big dogs can. Not to mention, he has disproved even his Vet who recently called him a Senior Basset. I've got picture proof of this fact right here! He is only as old as he feels and clearly he feels as young as a spry little puppy! Don't let the growing white hairs on his face fool you, he's far from an old man and he's proving to age quite gracefully! Look at him getting his paws right off of the ground! AIRBORNE!
He loves the unique smells that the ocean brings in and he's always sure to roll in seaweed whenever he has the chance. I'm sure he thinks he's marking his territory when he pees on it afterward, but really all he's doing is getting all that sea stink embedded in his fur.
This past weekend, he met a beautiful black lab named Bo. Bo was just a puppy of 8 months and he was full of energy! Again, Leo proved he could keep up with the young pup as he wrestled and played for hours without missing a beat! Look at them SMILING at each other!
Our whole family enjoys taking walks out to the Island to look for sea glass. Although, Leo doesn't care about sea glass, he loves to go out to the Island to roll around in more stinky seaweed. Since, I'm the designated Doggie Mama, that means I'm the poop picker upper. Although picking up poop is not my favorite job, It did melt my heart to look ahead and see LEO stop in his tracks to wait for me. He didn't want to keep going unless he knew I was coming too! So sweet!
The BEST part of our Beach Adventures is when we get back to the beach house and he is so exhausted but exhausted in the best possible way! He curls up and passes out and It makes me smile to see him so content! If you heard him snoring, you'd be convinced it was a MAN!
And there's absolutely nothing better than bringing a little bit of SAND home in the BASSET EARS!


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