Monday, May 14, 2012

A Basset & A Panther...

It's been a busy week in this house! My daughter begged and pleaded for a kitten for her 9th birthday which is coming up soon. We kept saying NO NO NO but as you can see by the photo, she got her wish and has her kitty! We welcomed our adorable new addition "Panther" the tiger kitten just 3 days ago. Leo is truly unphased by the kitty. I was a little nervous that he might get kitten phobia or anxiety with all of his other issues but so far so good. I might even dare to say that the kitty is good for his anxiety because he gets so worn out just from watching him play that he is napping even more than usual. I guess LEO looked so comfy earlier tonight, that Panther decided his belly was a good place to cuddle up and take a snooze. They are precious together! 

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