Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Still, My Blooming Begonias...

We just heard the news that Gramma & Papa's camp will be opening on Mother's Day weeekend! Wow, that's right around the corner. Leo has been racking his little Basset brain trying to come up with a plan to get back in Gramma's good graces. A few years ago, Gramma's beautiful Begonias got in the way of a nice cool patch of dirt that was calling LEO's name. It really wasn't his intention to hurt the pretty flowers, he just wanted to dig out a cool,comfy resting place. He dug and dug, paying no attention to the fact that Gramma's Begonias were being mutilated and flung all over the place. But in the end, I'm sure he thought he made a much nicer garden fixture than those silly Begonias anyway. As Leo lounged comfortably in his new resting place, his family was having dinner inside the camp. As the dessert was about to be served, we all heard the screams from outside. (It should be noted that Gramma is NOT a dog lover to begin with)...But much to Gramma's horror, she found LEO happily snoozing where her beautiful Begonias used to bloom! Boy did she LET HIM HAVE IT! Not only did she throw him out of her garden, but she threw him out of camp forever more. She even made Papa take his name off the family sign that hangs out front. He has never been welcomed back, but he thinks this might be the year to redeem himself. Since he's on his new medication to help with all of his neurotic issues and bad behaviors, he's really hoping Gramma will forgive him and give him another chance! Everyone else gets to have FUN at CAMP, why shouldn't he ? While very dog has it's day, LEO had his, and he promises to be a good boy this year! PLEASE GRAMMA? :)

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