Monday, May 21, 2012

No Dumping

Leo and I went for a nice long walk the other night at the baseball fields. My son was practicing little league so I decided to take LEO around the park to get some exercise and meet up with some doggie friends. He met quite a few nice dogs along the way and one not so nice one too. Lucky for him the not so nice one was attached to a leash which was attached to a young girl rollerblading really FAST and she yelled, "Leave it" and they sped right by...Leo was grateful. He peed on everything as I could imagine there were a million dogs on that path before him and it was important for him to mark his territory. On the way out, he decided to relieve himself classicly right under a sign that read, "No Dumping", I don't know if he's a rebel or he just doesn't read too well! Either way, great photo op, (for me, not him) He'd surely be mortified if he knew I was posting this! What a bad mother I am!

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