Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainy Day Nap

Just another RAINY day in New England, 3 in a row, but Leo never gets tired of NAPPING & our new kitten Panther must have thought it looked like a good idea because he cuddled right up beside him. It's so adorable to see how much these two love each other. Leo is so protective of the kitten. Our big tiger cat gets irritable with the playful and sometimes mischevious kitty but Leo just sits back and lets him do whatever he wants. Leo's tail has become Panther's favorite new toy. He discovered it about a week ago and since LEO does a lot of wagging, Panther pounces on it constantly. Never so much as a growl from my sweet tolerant Basset Hound. The big tiger, however, puts a paw out and shows the kitten whose boss. He wants no part of letting his tail become a play toy. He'd much prefer that the kitten bother LEO instead. Just a few minutes ago, Leo had to intervene when the cat and kitten were having a tiff. Leo walked right over and put his nose up to the big tiger as if to say, leave the kitty alone, he's just doing what kitties do! I LOVE MY BASSET HOUND!

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