Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bassets suffer from Holiday Stress too!

The Holiday stress has certainly seemed to get to our favorite Basset, LEO! He has had much more frequent time outs lately. Yesterday he got into my son's bedroom and found a bucket of Christmas Candy on his desk. He climbed up & helped himself. By the time I got there, he had already eaten through a miniature chocolate santa claus (wrapper and all) Although he got several gifts from Santa Claus himself, it seems like he was left wanting. The thing is, he really did look SO excited with his new Pig Ear (which my kids could not understand) They were so grossed out by the fact that he found enjoyment in chewing on a Pig's Ear but he LOVED it! He also got a great bone which should be keeping him busy. Instead he seems more interested in rummaging through the kid's goodies. He has had to spend a little more time in time out these past few days. I think once the kids get back to school, maybe he will relax a bit! (Oh and by the way, his time out is no other than THE COUCH!!!!) Happy New Year!

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