Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/2 Basset 1/2 Cat

This crazy dog cracks me up! We brought a stray cat into our home 2 years ago, and LEO wanted nothing to do with him. He's been ignoring him since the day he moved in, and he's been incredibly jealous any time I show the cat "BOO" love! BUT: About 7 months ago, my 9 year old daughter got a kitten named PANTHER. Instantly BOO hated the kitten so the kitten desperate for some type of mothering, gravitated toward LEO. (Even though LEO is a boy and clearly needs mothering himself) the kitten fell in love with LEO and LEO accepted him with his heart wide open. (Probably just to make BOO mad!) The kitten now seems to really believe that LEO is his mother and they are inseparable. They've been hanging out together so much that LEO has started to sneak cat food and eats it whenever he thinks nobody is looking. He has also started giving himself baths just like a cat. 7 years & I've never seen him do this! Now, every morning, I catch him licking his paws just like the kitten does. I guess the kitten is not the only one who thinks that LEO is his mother. Panther has successfully transformed my NEUROTIC BASSET HOUND into a CAT! :)

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