Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Handsome!

This is my most favorite and real life LEO face. He was so peaceful earlier tonight when I got home. After suffering lots of separation axiety today, he was perfectly content to hang out on the couch and listen to me tell him all about my day! He listens so intently and loves so unconditionally! Everyone in the house gets a little jealous at how excited I am, when I come home to LEO! I always look forward to the sound of his dog tags jingling like bells as his short little legs run out to greet me. He wags his tail so hard, it almost seems as though it could wag right off!  He is always the first one to get my hugs, and kisses (even if his jowls are a little swampy) I love him just the same! And when everyone else in the house complains about his Basset Smell, I have to confess that I actually like it!  He may be the most Neurotic Basset that ever lived but he's definitely the most loved!  (by ME!)

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