Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LEO the Basset's Holiday Stress CONTINUES!

A few things I forgot to mention in yesterday's "Holiday Stress" blog. He also buried that new bone he got under my sheets in my bed. It made quite a disgusting mess and he didn't seem in the least bit concerned when I scolded him. He also tore apart one of the kid's Christmas Stockings and started a fight with each of the cat's. He backed the older tiger cat into the corner and stared him down, wagging his tail but barking repeatedly at him until the cat finally got brave enough to flee! He then chased the little kitten off of the couch and all around the house again barking the whole while!
He then went into the playroom and watered the rug with a huge pee on New Year's Day, but unlike on Valentine's Day morning when he peed in the shape of a HEART, there was no theme here, I looked for anything resembling a party horn, a hat, or maybe the number 13, but NOTHING! Oh well, there's always hope for this coming Valentine's Day! We'll see if it really was intentional or not! :)

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