Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beware of Squirrels

One beautiful afternoon, I decided to take LEO to the Stadium to walk around the trails. Just at the mere mention of the word "walk" he is out of his mind! He jumps all over me and practically wags his tail right off.  He was so happy to be someplace new. All the amazing smells permeated that famous basset nose of his. Everything was going along just fine, too good actually. Until he spotted a squirrel. He took off running like a crazed man and for a little short dog, he is stronger than 10 giants. He caught me off gaurd and knocked me right to the ground. I am proud to say I never let go of the leash. Not so proud to say he dragged me 20 or 30 yards on my back while my shirt was inevitably yanked up and almost wrapped around my neck. We both survived but I was a little embarrassed when I noticed that the high school football team had shown up for practice and witnessed our seemingly entertaining ordeal. There was more than a little laughter going on at my expense but in the end I guess I'd say it was worth it because I never let go of that leash! :)

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