Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Green beer would have been good today if I hadn't given up alcohol for Lent. Oh well, I had enough excitement to keep me from missing it too much today. Took a little road trip to Epping NH to meet my sister so I could take my IRISH TWIN nieces for a sleepover with my daughter who is the same age. All 3 girls were born in 11 month's time. I still don't know how my sister and I did that! Well most of the credit goes to her because she's the one who had two babies in 11 months, not me. She knew they were both girls ahead by ultrasound, I wasn't so lucky, my little girl had her hand in the way. It was a long wait but so happy it was a girl. This is the year they all turn 9! They look like triplets and they are always together. Today when we returned from the ride, we tried to take LEO for a walk, but he broke FREE and took off running so fast with the leash attached that he was gone before we could blink an eye. He ran across the street like lightening. His little legs were nothing but a blur. Anyone who thinks Bassets aren't fast, is mistaken, they are ridiculously FAST! He was gone. The girls decided they needed their sneakers for this mission. They wanted to run as fast as him so they'd have a chance to catch him. He looked so funny with the long retractable leash dragging behind him. My daughter opened my front door to grab her sneakers and OUT went the INDOOR cat! Oh my god, and did he RUN. He took off in the opposite direction! Now we had two runaways. The girls went one way after LEO and I went the other after BOO.  The girls came back a few minutes later with LEO in tow and I on the other hand found myself up a tree with an open can of tuna in hand.  We have coyotes in our neighborhood and my cat is fat and lazy and would never survive a minute out in the wild. I dragged his sorry butt out of that tree and brought him back in the house. The girls brought Leo in and we all breathed a sigh of relief! This probably would have been the time I would have had my green beer but cranberry lime seltza with a lemon had to suffice :) just another day in my crazy house!

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  1. You have out done yourself with this is amazing and you truly convey your love for dogs, not the way people say they love dogs and then shoo them away at the first sight of drewl, but this is a site for the REAL dog lovers out there. They treat them as a complete part of the family. You have the best stories to tell!!!


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