Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caught in the Act!

I knew it all along! I have argued with my husband for years about his secret LOVE of LEO! He tells me over and over that he can't stand the dog! "The dog is a menace, he should move out, pack his bags, GET RID OF HIM, he says, take his collar off and open the door, let him run away, give him back to the basset rescue, do whatever you want with him, just get him out of my house!"These are just some of the mean and nasty things I have heard come out of my husband's mouth. I find these words so beyond OFFENSIVE. How can anyone be so mean? I always come back at him with, "I know you don't really  mean it, deep down, you really love LEO and you would be heart broken if anything ever happened to him." he just laughs and says, "Nope, I'd have clean carpets and no basset jowl stink on my pillows) At this point I usually give him a dirty look and walk out of the room. Well, the other day, I walked into the living room and CAUGHT the self professed dog loather RED HANDED giving LEO a little lovin! A sweet & generous head patting and just look at the SMILE on LEO's face. LEO is no dummy and DOGS have incredible instincts; He knows what I've known all along, Daddy can pretend, but LEO has stolen his heart too!!!

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