Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Thunder Coat

So, Leo has always had major anxiety over thunder & lightening. I know this is very common for lots of dogs. We have been dealing with this issue for years. I have tried everything from all natural Valerian Root, Rescue Remedy, Ativan, Crate confining, basement time, tight body hugging,St. John's Wort, Melatonin, and now low and behold the latest greatest invention: "The Thunder Coat". Naturally I was skeptical but in desperation one will try almost anything. I ordered the coat from Amazon and did my first trial run with it by turning on my camera! (Leo thinks my camera flash is lightening) the minute he hears the little zoom sound when the camera turns on, he goes into panic mode. He pants heavily, drools buckets and shakes uncontrollably, its so sad to watch him suffer :(   He had a full blown panic attack while wearing the Thunder Coat during the flash of my camera so I figured it wasn't going to work on him. Nonetheless, I waited for the first Real Live Thunderstorm. Well, it came last night. At the first dull boom of thunder, I ran and got his Thunder Coat. I swaddled him tightly and prayed for the best. Two minutes after putting it on him, he dove up on the loveseat where I was sitting, he began shaking horribly and started with the panting. He drooled a huge puddle and it splattered right on my laptop as I was typing. He was so out of control, that I eventually had to put him in my bathroom to contain the huge drool puddles. He practically panted himself into dehydration and refused to drink water because he was so nervous. The storm seemed to last forever and I spent yet another sleepless night on the couch listening to my anxiety ridden basset pant and drool the night away. The only thing that got me through was picturing LEO on the Thunder Coat commercial wearing the Thunder Coat while having severe anxiety.I had to laugh at the PURE IRONY! It reminds me of the commercials for the drugs advertised on tv. Like the one for the pill for depression but some may experience more depression or suicidal thoughts when taking it
Maybe they need to give a little warning on the Thunder Commercial for dogs who may experience MORE anxiety from wearing this anxiety coat! Oh well, so much for the Thunder Coat! At least we can say we tried. Poor Leo!

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