Wednesday, March 28, 2012


2 nights ago, we were out with the kids searching for molds for melting crayons. It was an impossible mission, everywhere we went, we had no luck. To take the edge off, (or to bribe the kids to stop whining about it) we decided to drive thru McDonald's to get them icecreams. My husband is drive thru CHALLENGED, for some reason, he can't listen to what I am saying and repeat it to the speaker accurately. I have grown used to this and now I do things on purpose just to make him mess up more (mean, I know but it's really FUN) so, as he was trying to order 2 softserves one on a cone and one in a cup, I said, "Oh and can you get a double cheeseburger for LEO" (who was practically climbing out the back window inhaling all the good smells with that big basset nose of his). Well, instead of ordering the burger, my husband just glared at me, as if to say, "Yah, right, I'm gonna get the DOG a burger when I am prohibited from red meat because of cholestorol)
He must've thought I was messing around so he started to drive up to the pay window. This time I was serious, so as he was driving,  I yelled into the speaker, "and a double cheeseburger please." The kids got their icecreams and my poor meat deprived husband watched in horror as LEO polished that double cheeseburger in LITERALLY 2 gulps! I had to grab a napkin (not because he made a mess, he ate every last morsel & licked my hand clean) but to wipe the drool from my husbands chin) LEO was in doggie Heaven! He thanked me with a big wet slobbery kiss as if to say, "Who's the best basset in the world?" In hindsight I'm thinking maybe my SPOILING of this neurotic little Basset could be adding to the reasons why my husband claims to dislike him so much. This may just be a clear cut case of Jealousy :)

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