Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"following atticus" by Tom Ryan

I am so in love and so inspired by the story of Tom and Atticus, in the book "Following Atticus" Such an incredible tale of the unconditional love between two best friends. What a  remarkable and life changing journey they make together in honor of a friend who lost her life to cancer. They set out on a dangerous mission of winter hiking, against all odds, to raise money for The Jimmy Fund, benefiting children fighting Cancer. The life lessons they learn & share along the way are invaluable. One of the very BEST books I have ever read. For anyone who loves dogs, nature, or just pure humanity, you will adore this book.


  1. Love your review, Leo! I have read Following Atticus twice and just finished listening to the audio book for the third time. This book will make you laugh and cry and will inspire you to get up and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Do yourself a favor and read this book!!

  2. I heard about this incredible book just before the announcement of Atticus's 10thay birtd and their goal to get to NY times best sellers. I went to Barnes and Noble in Salem NH on his birthday with every intention of buying several copies, one for me and some for gifts. I was mesmorized by what I had heard of the book so far and was dying to read it. I was so sad to hear that they didn't have any copies in the store. I went to a couple more stores and could not get the book :( I ended up ordering it on my kindle fire and I have just begun part3 where Tom and Atticus are on another journey to raise money for Angells. I can not get enough of this book. I had an incredibly profound experience when I hiked Mount Chocura in the white mountains back in 1998 with my 4 year old rottweiller Apollo. It was our first hike together and we enjoyed staying at The Wilderness Cabins in Bartlett over by Bear Notch Rd. Sadly it was the first and only mountain we would ever hike together as he died six weeks later of liver cancer :( this story has more than warmed my heart and touched my soul. I know I am savoring every bit of it, as I don't want the book to end. I'm sure I will be reading it again and again. I also find all the quotes in the book to be beautiful. I have always LOVED Henry David Thoreou! Yet another reason to LOVE this book! Thank You from the bottom of my heart to Tom and Atticus! and Max as well!


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