Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I swear, If he wasn't so cute, I might kill him!

Well, School Vacation is over, and the kids are back to school, but LEO is still up to his antics. I'm not really sure why he is so intent on destroying my carpet.I guess maybe he doesn't like the color I chose or maybe it feels better when pee flows onto carpet as opposed to the ground outside? It's been almost a month since I had the carpet man here and I was so happy, we were on a roll, no new pee stains for almost 3 wks. Suddenly he's started making puddles again and although he did brilliantly pee in the shape of a HEART on Valentine's day morning, these are just plain old boring smelly puddles. I'm so aggravated with him. I may never understand the method behind his madness. I used to think he peed in the house because of his chronic anxiety, but I seem to have that under control with the St. John's Wort and Melatonin regimen. I have been grateful to GOD that he hasn't been suffering from spontaneous panic attacks. He has calmly weathered several storms lately and almost even seemed oblivious. Thankfully, He's been sleeping through the night and even let me take a couple of pictures with the flash (which would have NEVER happened prior to the medications.
I guess maybe I'm just being greedy expecting that the meds will take care of ALL of his ISSUES, but I'm so sick of dealing with the PEEING. It's DISGUSTING and annoying. He really has no excuse. He goes for walks, he is taken outside constantly, he knows how to bark at us, if the need strikes out of the blue, yet despite all of this, he STILL pees on the carpet when nobody is looking! And, it never fails, every time I reprimand him, he flat out refuses to look at me. he just puts his head down and sulks like it really was an accident? Maybe it's the stubbornness of the breed, maybe he's too lazy to go outside, maybe he's mad at me for shoving pills down his throat 2x a day? the speculation could go on and on. I was so sure when I told the carpet guy that this would be the last time he would have to treat my rug for urine because LEO was on anxiety meds now and he wouldn't be peeing like that anymore. I was so convincing, I almost believed it myself. But here I sit less than a month later, frustrated and angry smelling the unmistakable and nasty smell of dog urine. Ohhhh LEO! You're LUCKY you are so damn cute!

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  1. I feel for you. We are the proud owners of two basset hounds who at least 3 times a week will go to the bathroom insiade the home. One is almost three years old and the other is two. Will it ever end? But one look at a basset face and you forget it all.


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