Friday, April 6, 2012


Apparently as soon as my husband left for work this morning (at the crack of dawn), LEO took full advantage of the situation. He crawled up beside me and laid his head down on John's pillow (stinky basset jowels and all) He stretched right out and pressed his paws up against my back. He always sleeps at my feet and I had no idea he had crawled up to sleep beside me. I was rudely awakened by  LOUD snoring and automatically assumed that my husband had overslept and would be late for work. Before I even opened my eyes, I smacked LEO right in the chest and yelled "GET UP! You're gonna be late for work!"  well, when there was no movement, just more snoring, I opened my eyes and much to my surprise it was my SNORING BASSET snoozing away not in the least bit concerned with my yelling or the morning smack he got in the chest :)

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