Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spiteful little Basset

LEO is so jealous that the kids have been on vacation this week. Not because they are out of school, but because they are getting more attention from mom than he is. He is not just jealous but mad as well. He's mad because they are infringing on his QUIET time. All the commotion has him feeling STRESSED out.  I know this because he has been acting like a terrible two year old even though he is 7.  He started out on Monday by sneakig into the living room and peeing a huge puddle on the newly cleaned carpet. This really made me mad. He gave me the sad basset eyes but this time it didn't work. As I soaked up the urine out of the carpet, I shot him a dirty look. He  was unphased. He just lounged on the couch refusing to look my way. On Tuesday, he jumped up on the table at least 10x and tried his hardest to steal the kid's sandwiches. On Wednesday, he was outside on his runner and decided to walk up onto the back deck and pee another huge puddle on the new pavers. On Thursday, after taking his medication, he faked a swallow, and ate his treat. An hour later, I found the pills on my living room rug hidden behind the chair. On Friday, he had such bad doggie gas after stealing the kids left over breakfast, he made a car ride to Maine torturous for all.  Finally, on Saturday night, he got into a trash bag and found some chinese spare rib bones. Luckily we were able to pull them out of his mouth before he choked. He wasn't HAPPY! Today is Sunday, and before I even had my first cup of coffee, I walked into my living room and got my sock soaked when I stepped in yet another puddle of pee. I did hear him sneak out of bed last night around midnight. I figured he was venturing down to the playroom because my son had a friend sleepover. While he may have went down there, he apparantly made a pit stop and peed on my rug. He had no problem coming back upstairs and curling up beside me to snore the rest of the night away GUILT FREE.  Tomorrow is Monday and the kids go back to school, and it's a good thing because my patience is really running thin. I've always thought with a face as cute as his, I could never stay mad, but this week has had me rethinking that theory. Basset Hounds are such a stubborn breed and he really has seemed determined to make his feelings known. Mission accomplished LEO!

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