Thursday, April 26, 2012

LEO catches a GIANT RAT!

As I sat on my love seat casually taking the first sip of my morning coffee, LEO shoved his nose under the couch and started sniffing like CRAZY! The wild sniffing was followed by a manic fit of barking. He was trying to dig his way underneath to get at something and my stomach just dropped as I realized this couldn't be good.  My 12 year old hadn't left for school yet, so like the wimp that I am, I begged him to look under the couch. He was having none of that. He said, "What are you nuts mom, YOU look under the couch!" So
I put my coffee down and gave the couch a huge shove and OUT RAN A GIANT RAT! There really are no words to express the HORROR that I experienced. I screamed so loud I think I blew out my own ear drums. I couldn't believe my eyes when the RAT ran right underneath my FAT CAT, and what did the cat do? He jumped up and let him take cover under my loveseat! I called my husband at work, in a sheer panic and DEMANDED he come home IMMEDIATELY. He couldn't get out, so he sent his friend instead. I asked him, "What exactly does your friend intend to do?" He said, "He's gonna bludgeon the thing with the broom!" He would be at my house in under ten minutes and now I found myself feeling bad for the disgusting RAT, because he was about to be MURDERED in my living room, not to mention it would make a HUGE gross mess on my rug. As much as I was petrified, I knew I had to get this thing out of my house before it met such an evil fate. I grabbed the broom myself and swatted at it. I could see it's beady little eyes staring at me. He was wedged between the back of the loveseat and the wall. When I shoved the broom at him, he took off running. I had opened all the sliders in hopes that he would head for the back yard. My plan was almost flawless as he bolted for the open door, but he was stopped dead in his tracks by LEO. Leo was at the slider waiting for him. He tried to grab him, but his nasty little bare feet took off running right up behind my wood stove. He climbed up the stones and hung there just staring at me. LEO began to bark fiercly again, scaring the RAT back down and he scurried toward my kitchen. My husband's friend showed up and helped me search all over my house. I was so distraught! NOT knowing where he was hiding, was defiitely WORSE than knowing. We searched all the dark corners and tiny crevices hoping to uncover him, but we were unsuccessful. I had locked LEO in the bathroom because I was afraid he might escape out the open sliders but I let him out after we reluctantly gave up our search. As soon as LEO came out of the bathroom, he headed straight to the recliner. He shoved his nose into the leather and started barking his head off.  I knew immediately where that RAT was hiding. I had flipped the recliner over earlier but he must have went up inside of it.  My husband's friend had already left. And here I was again, all alone, in my doggie pajamas, with LEO and my fat useless CAT. I called my husband back and frantically told him that the RAT was in his recliner. This time he came right home. (probably because it was in HIS recliner) We moved all the furniture out of the living room and he flipped the recliner over and shook it. OUT RAN THE NASTY RAT and THANK GOD this time he RAN right out the open slider. My husband ran after him, broom in hand screaming, "I'm gonna kill you, you little ****** *******!  I couldn't help but laugh when I saw my husband leap over the pool deck running as fast as he could to try to kill the thing. He didn't get him but we watched him head through the back path toward our friend's house. I felt the need to issue an Amber Alert to let our neighbors know where he was last spotted. I have NO idea how he got into our house or how long he has been living there among us. I will surely have nightmares over this for a very long time. I am still shaking hours later. We do live on a cornfield and there has been lots of construction going on, on the other side of it. We've had wild turkeys, deer, coyotes, fisher cats, foxes, all kinds of things, but NONE of them have been brazen enough to invite themselves into my home. Especially during my sacred morning coffee! The nerve of him! All I know is that LEO saved the day, because had he not discovered it under the couch, who knows how long it may have lurked there in the darkness. And my husband says he likes the cat because the cat earns his keep, but LEO is useless. Well, didn't LEO prove him wrong today. He really upstaged the cat and I'd say, the cat really should be ashamed of himself!

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