Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad Basset Mama

Bad Basset Mama Confession:
I'm a really bad basset mama! I started making LEO homemade dog food a few months ago. I got so tired of him eating the cat food all the time, because he seemed to be less than thrilled about any and all store bought dog food that I would bring home for him! It is very obvious that he does not think for one second that he is a canine! He believes that he is 85% human and 15% cat. I'm not sure if he is part cat strictly by copy catting or if it's from eating all the cat food, but you should see him bathe himself! Anyway the point of my confession is that after making him homemade dog food for months, I have totally slacked off. I have a million things going on with the release of my new book on Motherhood and yes he's miffed that it's on motherhood and not Bassethood but I simply don't have the time to cook for him. I've been back at trying all types of different dog foods but again he's not a dog, so this becomes a huge dilemma! I usually mix in something human to make it more appetizing and he will eat it but inevitably he still goes for the cat food. Today, as he was gulping down the cat's food yet again, I grabbed it away from him and dumped a little into his dog food bowl mixing it with the latest kibble I'm trying! He was having none of it! So, while he will happily eat the cat food from the cat's bowl, he will not eat it from his own bowl! Go Figure! I'm at my witt's end and I know this is totally my fault! I have a feeling I will be cooking for him again soon and this will literally have to be done at midnight as that may be my only chance of getting to the task! My husband tells me that I have created a monster. He says he will eat the damn dog food when he gets hungry enough! While true, I think I have to concentrate on the bigger issue at hand, how do I let him know that he actually is a dog, when in truth, to me, he has been and will always be my little boy!
Like I said, I'm a bad basset Mama! Guilty of Loving him way too much and SPOILING him rotten! It breaks my heart to even pour dog food into his bowl but unless I can clone myself, this may have to suffice for awhile! So grateful that while I've spoiled my kitties, they are perfectly content with their catness and eating the food that was made for cats who just wanna be cats! :)

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