Sunday, March 10, 2013

Doggie Bag

Most often, when the waitress asks if you want a doggie bag, she is talking about taking food home, so that you can eat it later. A doggie bag is very rarely actually for the dog! Well tonight, the doggie bag really was for LEO! We brought him home some Chicken Fingers from the Chinese Restaurant! He was so excited, he actually JOGGED to his food bowl to see what the surprise was! I love when he jogs, because the sound of his tags make the best jingling sound! His ears bounce up and down and his short little paws prance almost like I imagine a reindeer would! He grabbed a chicken finger and JOGGED into the living room to eat it! He always prefers to eat his food on the living room floor! After all, why would he want to eat it in the dish and keep things clean! After he finished his first one, it was the cutest thing to see him JOG back to the kitchen to get another! He got more exercise jogging for those chicken fingers than he's gotten in the past week of winter weather! He obviously didn't count them ahead of time, because he thought there was another one. It was almost sad to see him come jogging back to the kitchen full of excitement only to find out that he had already eaten the last one! Oh well! He was still overjoyed and it was sweet to see him smiling an hour later!

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