Thursday, March 28, 2013

What? It's not MY Birthday too?

LEO was a little put out with me this morning! He is most definitely a creature of habit. Every morning after I finish getting all the things done for the kids to get them off to school, I sit down on the couch with him & my coffee! Today, it's my son's 13th Birthday, so I changed it up a bit, and sat up at the bar while he had his birthday muffin. WELL! Leo did not like that one bit. He came over to me, stood at the foot of the bar stool and whined. Although his tail was wagging away, as he was staring up at me with confused eyes, I knew he was jealous! Maybe he just wanted to share in the birthday muffins, BUT, they were chocolate chip and that's no good for a dog! After a few minutes of whining at my feet, he jumped up and placed his two front paws in my lap. This was quite the funny image since he's an extra long sausage! He stayed right there like that, just wagging his tail. I guess he didn't understand why it wasn't his birthday too! :) He'll have to wait till September for that! Now that the kids are off to school, I will pour another cup of coffee and go hang on with him on the couch, just as he expects me to do! :)


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