Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slow it down Mama!

MY GOD, DO I LOVE THIS FACE! Lately, my poor LEO has been feeling the stress of our busy life. You  might think he would've gotten used to the chaos by now, but I think he's still secretly holding out for a calmer lifestyle for his MAMA! I always find myself thinking about the life lessons I can learn from LEO! If only I could curl up and take a nap by the fire as often as he does. He's taken on a new habit over the past few weeks as a defense to my busyness! In the RARE moments that I make time to actually sit down on the couch to hang out with him, he crawls right up into my lap or onto my chest. He's no light weight either, believe me! He parks himself right on top of me as if to say, "Now, there! See if you can get up and leave me now MOM!" I have to admit, he does make it really hard. I am so in love with that face and those eyes. He has the guilt look mastered and I absolutely hate to have to get up and go again. I feel like I am always running here and there and rarely ever get a minute to breathe! Tonight, I am grateful to LEO for giving me this not so subtle reminder to SLOW IT DOWN and just SNUGGLE once in awhile!

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